What is Thrive?

Thrive Trauma-Informed Yoga provides trainings, classes and private sessions to organizations, groups and individuals interested in body-based and mindfulness-based approaches to healing trauma.



A new Year: Developing an Inner Somatic Voice

Facilitator: Elizabeth Haberer, LCSW

6-7:30 PM



6-7:30 PM


Cost: $385

The new year invites renewed exploration of our bodies and minds. However, it can also lead us to a further disconnect from ourselves via the weaponizing of fitness or diet practices, or a descent into ruminative thought loops. Trauma leaves us feeling with a sense of stagnation, particularly when it comes to relating to our bodies. In turn, this affects our relationships- we may forget that we have choices, our voices may feel muted or may be so loud our message gets lost, and/or we may get stuck in relational ruts we see no way out of.

You are invited to join this 6- week series to explore a fuller and more enlivened spectrum of residing within your body/mind and relationships

Early registration is encouraged to reserve a spot. This group is for women only. 

Scholarships available.

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Freeing your story: Visiting difficult memories through writing and trauma-informed yoga

Facilitators: Elizabeth Haberer, LCSW & Brandon Lamson, PhD

Date: January 5th, 2019, 11AM-1PM

Cost: $90

Location: 1324 Allston St., Houston TX 77008

We all have memories which involve pain, trauma and/or loss. They can become lodged in our bodies and minds, and become abandoned places which continue to haunt us.

Finding a compassionate and empowering voice via creative expression and embodiment can build a safe path to visit the past with structure, boundaries and choice without becoming overwhelmed by it. Research shows that this can be instrumental to building a healing path. 

You are invited to start with a trauma-informed movement practice to gently prepare your body and mind. This segment will be followed by a writing workshop in which you will be guided through a 5-step process to free your written voice. We will close with optional sharing of your writing and grounding body-based movements to return to the present moment.

We hope you will leave this workshop with a lighter heart and tools to visit your past via writing with more confidence, freedom and emotional safety.

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Scholarships available. Email haberertherapy@gmail.com for information.

About Brandon Lamson: Brandon Dean Lamson obtained his PhD in creative writing at the University of Houston. He is full-time faculty in the Honors College at UH. His first published book of poems, Starship Tahiti, won the Juniper Prize for Poetry. Many of the poems in the collection are based on his experiences teaching inmates on Rikers Island. He is also the author of a chapbook entitled Houston Gothic, and his recent work has appeared in Brilliant CornersNO INFINITE, Buddhadharma Quarterly and Prairie Schooner.


Consultation Group for Therapists

11AM-12:30 PM

Price: $60 per session

1.5 hour consultation group to provide training, guidance and support to clinicians wishing to integrate yogic practices into clinical treatment.

Participants need only to be interested in integrating yoga into their existing clinical practice. Clinicians are welcome to bring material from their own clinical practice to present if they desire. 

Graduate students and drop-ins are welcome.  

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Mindful Flow- Studio Group Class

Sundays- rotating class: See dates on website

Location: Sama Yoga Studio

Mindfully-sequenced yoga classes that emphasize the breath, choice, and a grounded awareness of the body. This class is for all levels.

Note that physical assists are given to students who have consented to them at the beginning of class. 

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Private Classes

Facilitator: Elizabeth Haberer, LCSW

Further your healing journey by enhancing your relationship with your body through your yoga practice. I will introduce you to the tenets of trauma-informed yoga and create an individualized treatment plan for our sessions. 

To schedule: Please email haberertherapy@gmail.com

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THRIVE Trauma-Informed yoga is about: Safety, Presence & Connection.

To find out more about what trauma-informed yoga is go to the FAQ's section


“I have been so detached from my body and this class has changed my life.”

— Thrive Group Participant

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