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About Thrive

After doing clinical work for a couple of decades, I noticed a divide in my work. Though I was integrating some mindfulness at the beginning of psychotherapy sessions, it still felt like taboo to bring the body into the room. People came to my office talking about feeling detached from their bodies, even if they exercised or practiced athletic forms of yoga. There were some somatic forms of psychotherapy, but some felt too risky or not serious enough to integrate into my clinical work. 

As a yoga teacher, I observed keen attention being paid to muscles, alignment and the bodies that entered the room and occupied the mats. The minds and complex histories that those bodies held within them, however, remained a mystery. I longed for conversations about trauma, mental health, and boundaries to become commonplace in teacher trainings and yoga classes.

I decided to build upon the sound theoretical foundations that I had discovered. Neuroscience, yoga philosophy, psychodynamic theory, and attachment theory formed the basis of what has become THRIVE trauma-informed yoga.  

Trauma at its root is about disconnection; disconnection from choice, from others, from oneself, from one's breath, from the present, from imagination, from what we thought was our identity and our past. 

THRIVE is intended to help you create and cultivate a connected relationship to your body/mind. My sincere hope is that you will join us on this journey of connection and discovery. 

Please go to our FAQ's for more info on the classes. 

About Me

My clinical experience has taken me to fascinating places, including the Children’s Assessment Center, El Centro de Corazon, the Council on Recovery, and The Menninger Clinic. My clinical specialities include trauma, relationship difficulties, personality disorders, and anxiety. 

I have post-graduate training and certifications in evidence-based clinical modalities, mindfulness approaches, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis and group psychotherapy.  I am currently an adjunct professor at the University of Houston's Graduate School of Social Work and a clinical supervisor. 

My yoga practice began in 2000, while I was finishing graduate school, and I obtained my yoga teaching certification in 2009.  I have been fortunate to study under gifted and generous teachers and have taught in studios in Houston and Pittsburgh, including Equinox River Oaks, BIG Power Yoga, BYS Collective, and currently Soma Yoga.  

My yoga practice is rooted in the committed study of yoga as a way of life, and continues to be informed by the Forrest yoga and ashtanga systems. 

My specialized training in trauma-sensitive Yoga was obtained through the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute in Massachusetts in 2016 with David Emerson. These teachings were instrumental in making THRIVE a sound and safe system. 

THRIVE offers a unique blend of group psychotherapy and trauma-informed yoga.  If you want to learn how this is done, please visit the FAQ page. 

THRIVE's collaborators and allies include various nonprofit agencies, as well as gifted yoga teachers and therapists. 

Please click here if you wish to learn about my full range of psychotherapy services.