Testimonials from THRIVE series participants

These group classes have been very helpful in my therapeutic journey, even though I’ve never done yoga before now. The class environment alone is quite relaxing and inviting of a meditative mindset. The most helpful session was the last of a six-week class where I was able to work through some difficult emotions around a past traumatic experience by practicing yoga in the THRIVE environment. I do not think I would have been able to work through those particular emotions as well as I did without taking the THRIVE yoga classes throughout the six-week course. I am really glad I took them!
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"I have been so detached from my body and this class has changed my life"

"Elizabeth was consistent in bringing the focus back to myself rather than how others may perceive me. I was able to stay in the moment."

Beginner friendly yet challenging in a small class environment with a knowledgeable and empathetic yogi

"These classes really helped me learn that I don't always have to push my body to its limits"

"The theme of choices and options was a lightbulb moment for me, in that even within a particular yoga posture, I can choose to move or adapt the posture. I'm not as stuck as I thought. This has led me to consider and seek out other options and choices in my life.”

For several days after each class, I felt as though the fog had lifted and the usual haze surrounding my perception was burned off. I was able to experience the present moment and noticed how bright and vivid things around me were. I felt like the fog in my brain had diminished too, and I could think more clearly.