Find your Center: A 6-week series exploring Shame and Embodied Trauma

Find your Center: A 6-week series exploring Shame and Embodied Trauma


Facilitators: Elizabeth Haberer, LCSW & Tony Aucoin, LCSW



Location: Heights Haven- 637 W. 18th St. Houston TX 77008

Shame is an often unexplored shadow side of trauma. Explore a centered approach to tending to your needs and difficult emotions, particularly shame. Learning to attend to varying degrees of sensations in your body. Bringing this to life in your interactions with others in the group therapy component can help with exploring how shame can produce communication difficulties and reactivity.

Each 90 minute session of this 6-week series will begin with a 45 minute trauma-informed yoga session and proceed with a 45 minute verbal group therapy component where relational patterns can come to life and be explored in the here and now. This group is for all gender identities and the number of registrants will be limited.

Group psychotherapy has been shown to be as effective as individual psychotherapy to treat the majority of diagnoses people typically present in mental health treatment settings. Group psychotherapy also allows for the treatment of more people with effective, evidence-based interventions that are also cost-effective.

Early registration is encouraged to reserve a spot. Cost includes 6 weeks of group work.

About Tony Aucoin, co-facilitator:

Tony graduated from the Graduate College of Social Work at the University of Houston and worked at the Council on Recovery. He received specialized training and licensure to treat chemical dependency, perform interventions and facilitate Brene Brown’s Daring Way ™ material. In addition, he focused his interests and learning to study trauma, shame, men’s issues, sexuality, mood disorders and self-esteem. After working in various roles over 5 years, he ventured out into private practice and was named as one of OutSmart Magazine’s “best male therapist” in 2013. He also consulted with The Menninger Clinic, one of the top psychiatric hospitals in the nation. Tony is also adjunct faculty at The University of Houston’s Graduate College of Social Work since 2014. Tony has led various groups in his private practice and one of his areas of expertise is shame resilience.