A new Year: Developing an Inner Somatic Voice

A new Year: Developing an Inner Somatic Voice

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Facilitator: Elizabeth Haberer, LCSW


6-7:30 PM


Cost: $385.

The new year invites renewed exploration of our bodies and minds. However, it can also lead us to a further disconnect from ourselves via the weaponizing of fitness or diet practices, or a descent into ruminative thought loops. Trauma leaves us feeling with a sense of stagnation, particularly when it comes to relating to our bodies. In turn, this affects our relationships- we may forget that we have choices, our voices may feel muted or may be so loud our message gets lost, and/or we may get stuck in relational ruts we see no way out of.

You are invited to join this 6- week series to explore a fuller and more enlivened spectrum of residing within your body/mind and relationships. Each 90 minute session of this 6-week series will begin with a 45 minute trauma-informed yoga session and proceed with a 45 minute verbal group therapy component where relational patterns can come to life and be explored in the here and now.

Early registration is encouraged to reserve a spot. Scholarships are available, please email haberertherapy@gmail.com for more info. This group is for women only. 

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